There are 24 culture institutions carrying activities in the Nenets autonomous okrug, including:

-          2 museums;

-          one central library (with 33 branch units);

-           20 culture and leisure centers;

-          one institution of other type.

The central role belongs to the following five state-funded regional culture institutions:

1.       The Nenets Local Lore Museum is an oldest storage of the regional studies valuables and a scientific and educational center on the NAO history and culture.

2.       State-funded Pustozersk History, Culture and Landscape Museum is devoted to medieval town of Pustozersk that existed in the territory of the okrug. Its activities are aimed at preservation, restoration, studies and presentation of the Pustozersk site both for academic and touristic needs. The Pustozersk museum holds 3249 depository items.

3.       State-funded Nenets Central Library named after Alexey Pichkov is an informational, cultural and educational center of the Nenets okrug, uniting also 33 branches in the NAO rural settlements.

4.       State-funded Ethnic and Culture Center of the Nenets Autonomous okrug is a core place for everyone interested in traditional handicrafts. The Center provides consultative assistance, arranges festivals and contests of amateur creative teams, publishes specialized literature etc.

5.       State-funded Arctica Culture Palace arranges various cultural and leisure events, concerts as well as regional and international mass events. At the premises of the Arctica Palace there is an Exhibition Hall.

There are 329 amateur creative teams in the Nenets okrug, engaging over 3685 inhabitants.

In the sphere of handicrafts production there are three enterprises and more than 300 amateur masters engaged in work with skin, fur, horns and bones, wood as well as sewing, knitting, patchwork, lace-making and bead-weaving.

Traditional culture mass events in the Nenets okrug are:

-          Argish of Hope folk festival;

-          Sava Syo Nenets songs festival;

-          Vizula Yu Komi culture feast;

-          Wreath of Friendship ethnic communities feast;

-          Pustozersk Day;

-          Pechoryanochka interregional young ladies’ contest,

-          Slavic Folklore Assembly,

-          Work for hands, Holiday for Soul pensioners’ handicrafts exhibition;

-          Avvakum’s Reading.


Cultural Heritage sites.


There are 34 cultural heritage sites in the okrug registered in the United state cultural heritage sites list.