Administrative and Territorial Structure

The Nenets Autonomous Okrug comprises 21 municipal units (1 municipal district, 1 urban district, 18 rural settlements and 1 urban settlement), administrated by local authorities.

There is 1 town, 1 municipal district, 1 urban-type settlement and 18 rural councils.

Naryan-Mar is the administrative center of the Okrug. In spring 1935, Naryan-Mar ("Red City" translated from the Nenets language) was transformed from a workers' settlement into a town. Naryan-Mar is located at the lower Pechora , 110 km southwards the Barents sea.  According to Rosstat data as of 2016, the population of Naryan-Mar is 24.5 thousand people.

Primary economic activities in the town are electric power generation and food industry.

The distance from Naryan-Mar to Arkhangelsk is 1,097 km along the seacoast and 650 km by air.