Prospective projects

1) Private nursing home

2) Pig-breeding mini-farm

3) Cattle mini-farms

4) “NAO ARCTIC” tourist base

5) Enterprise for the collection and processing of wild berries and mushrooms

6) Fish processing enterprises in rural settlements

7) Internet-shop uniting craftsmen, fishers and producers of the Nenets AO

8) Company providing route taxi transportation services

9) Beauty salon

10) Sheep mini-farm

11) Tourist base in the territory of the Nenets AO

12) Dry-cleaning company

13) Bakeries in the settlements of the region

14) Data center

15) Cleaning services company in Naryan-Mar

16) Purchase of 2 “Ansat” helicopters

17) Purchase of 2 Mi-171A2 helicopters

18) “Pustozersk Fort and the living nearby samoyeds” exposition complex

19) Aquaculture plant on the Kuya river near the Kharitonovo lake